About Proptikom

We take pride in our solutions, believe in a lifelong learning and continuously strive to improve our work. We want to be part of creating a more flexible and scalable business.

All our employees continuously take responsibility to find out the cutting-edge development regarding modern tools & frameworks. With this knowledge we work closely with our customers to digitize and streamline processes and routines.

Proptikom offers consulting and guidance in system development.

Ongoing projects

Back-end system development at a telecom company in Oslo.


Jonatan Hilmarch

Jonatan has experience in the IT industry since 2011. He has mainly worked with back-end system development on the .NET platform, IT support, information security and team lead.

Work with us

Are you a system developer, an architect, an DevOps engineer, a project manager or have experience of other roles often requested in a product development team? Then you are most welcome to send us your apllication.